Frequently Asked Questions

It has the following elements:

  1. the MEESOO® machine for the preparation of freshly made Tiramisù (Espresso);
  2. the Ingredients to use with the MEESOO® machine.

We supply the following Ingredients:

  1. ready-to-use(*) frozen (-18°) Tiramisù cream;
  2. ready-to-use(*) frozen (-18°) Ladyfingers soaked with coffee (Savoiardi).

We produce all ingredients s and they are all craftsman-prepared.

(*) ready-to-use means that, after defrosting, products indicated can be used without further processing.

Yes. The Ingredients we supply are excellent ‘ready-to-use finished products’ that allow your Tiramisù to be prepared in a few seconds even without the MEESOO® machine. Click on the link below to see how easy it is to prepare Tiramisù with our Ingredients:       https://youtu.be/8blQR7oPc1g

The main advantages of using the MEESOO® system are:

  1. Goodness of the product: the MEESOO® machine keeps the cream at the right temperature and consistency via the mixing and cooling processes, ensuring a unique consumption experience;
  2. Operational efficiency: both use and ordinary maintenance are extremely easy; the MEESOO® machine means that you can prepare your Tiramisù without taking up time and space in the kitchen;
  3. Food safety: controlled Tiramisù preparation/conservation process in terms of temperature and possible contamination;
  4. Point of Sale Marketing: possibility of creating a wide range of products, all freshly prepared and based on the end consumer’s specific request;
  5. Sales efficiency: stock breakages are substantially eliminated; by using the machine, Tiramisù is always available.

The MEESOO® machine has been designed exclusively for the preparation of Tiramisù in single-portion cups (with weights of approximately 50-250 gm). The MEESOO® machine can’t be used to prepare Tiramisù in different formats, e.g. in a plate or on a tray.

The MEESOO® machine is recommended for all situations with a medium/high rotation without a kitchen or workshop or where, although there is a kitchen or workshop, is already fully engaged in important work. Use of the MEESOO® machine means that Tiramisù preparation can be delegated to staff with waiting duties without weighing on the workload of the kitchen or workshop.

The MEESOO® machine can be supplied in different ways according to client type and features:

  1. Loan for use: available for high rotation customers who have managed their business for at least 2 years;
  2. Leasing: available for medium rotation customers who have managed their business for at least 2 years;
  3. Sale: the MEESOO® machine (new or used) can be purchased in all cases where neither Loan for Use nor Leasing is applicable;

The MEESOO® machine has the following specifications:

  1. external size: 40 x 40 x 60 cm = width x depth x height;
  2. weight: 40 kg;
  3. power supply: 220 V;
  4. power consumption: 0.15 kW;

Yes. Preparing Tiramisù with the MEESOO® machine is very easy, as can be seen by clicking here: https://youtu.be/iFky-i3UQK0

Yes. The main maintenance of MEESOO® machines is the cleaning carried out periodically which requires just a few minutes, as can be seen by clicking here: https://youtu.be/78KmhOV_UZI

No. The MEESOO® machine can operate continuously for several days without having to turn it off each evening.

Each customer is important and we at MEESOO® want to enhance its particularity in the best way possible. That’s why we ask you to send a mail to info@meesoo.it with the name of your business, its exact location and how long you’ve been running it so that our Commercial Office can give you the best offer. Once we have the above information, our Commercial Office will contact you for the necessary follow-up.